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Splendid Liberty Star T-Shirt

Green, Jim, “Nuclear Fallacies: the Problems With James Hansen’s Promotion of Generation IV Reactors”, Counterpunch , October 5, 2017 https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/10/05/nuclear-fallacies-the-problems-with-james-hansens-promotion-of-generation-iv-reactors/ .

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Greenpeace, The Chernobyl Catastrophe: Consequences on Human Health , Amsterdam: Greenpeace, 2006. Good Selling Online Truly Madly Deeply Good Luck Cat Clearance For Nice Free Shipping Low Shipping Fee DGirlaF

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Hamilton, Mina, “Korea: What the Generals Aren’t Telling You”, Dissident Voice , February 3, 2018 Buy Cheap Many Kinds Of Sast Cheap Price Mackage Tatiana Leather Top GGj2tiUG

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Hayden, Jen, “Former nuclear launch officers implore Congress to rein in Trump’s ability to launch nukes first”, Daily Kos , January 12, 2018 https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/1/11/1731886/-Former-nuclear-launch-officers-implore-Congress-to-rein-in-Trump-s-ability-to-launch-nukes-first .

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I n 1863, a group of Christians in North America chose to call themselves “Seventh-day Adventist.” This name reflected their core beliefs: The Sabbath theology and the expectation of Christ’s return. In May of 1863, representatives of this growing community of about 125 congregations with 3,500 members met in Battle Creek (Michigan, USA) and organized the “General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.”

This seemingly insignificant new denomination, amongst hundreds of others originating on North American soil, grew within 150 years into an internationally known church with more than 18 million adult baptized members. Today, it is represented in most countries around the globe. However, it took a decade before the local church leadership became aware of missions beyond the borders of the U.S.A. It was not until 1874, that John N. Andrews (1829-1883) was sent as the first official Adventist missionary to Europe.

In 1856 Michael Belina Czechowski, a native of Poland and former Catholic priest, was introduced to the Seventh-day Adventist Church and was baptized in 1857. From 1858 onward, he worked as an evangelist for the church. In 1863, he wanted to be the first Adventist missionary sent to Europe, but his request was denied because he was regarded as headstrong and incapable of managing the financial resources made available to him.

Christian B. Schäffler (right, above) , a journalist, founder, and longtime director of the Adventistischer Pressedienst (APD) in Basel, Switzerland, interviewed Jacques Frei (left), a retired pastor and recognized expert on the life of Czechowski who currently lives in Lopagno, Switzerland.

Christian B. Schäffler (right, above)

How would you briefly describe Czechowski’s life work? Czechowski was an idealist, full of ideas and he had an entrepreneurial spirit. From an early age, he was a political activist for the independence of Poland and since the 1850s, a tireless gospel preacher of the crucified, risen and returning Lord Jesus Christ. He was a writer, publisher, evangelist and the first missionary of the Advent message in Europe. He worked in many countries, even though he was not commissioned by the General Conference. Czechowski contributed significantly as a self-supporting missionary to the development of a global missionary understanding in the Adventist Church.

How would you briefly describe Czechowski’s life work?

Was he therefore a visionary and a pioneer of global missions? Yes. Here are two examples: First,Czechowski was a pioneer of world evangelism to the church.Second, as one of the first evangelists to proclaim the Advent message in a big city, New York, he was, next to Ellen G. White, a pioneer of Seventh-day Adventist big city evangelism. Since 2011 the mission work of the Adventist Church in big cities has become a priority. People in 650 cities around the world are to be reached with the Gospel message. The evangelistic outreach of NY13 last year focused on an urban center with a population of about 19 million people and 800 different language groups.

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